Kishore Doley

Director & Founder

Welcome to the world of Pensive Supremo Edu Pvt Ltd !
At the beginning, I would like to thank you for visiting our official web site and using your valuable time in going through the content of our web site. We never express that we are and or we intend to be the biggest and or the leading company in Recruitment and or other staffing solutions in India but we always insist to express that WE TRIED TO BE THE BEST!
Pensive Supremo Edu Private Limited strongly belief in harmonious relationship to understand the job seeker and the Client Requirement providing strategically fine counseling and understating the need of the client respectively. We try to understand what a job seeker needs and what the situation demands and the best part is we have always proved successful in reconciling both. No compromise attitude towards these is the hallmark of PSE
Unfortunately, today most of the Job Seeker are not aware about the kind of skill set required to do a specific Job for which they apply, that is where our roles comes into picture, to help them out. With proper counseling’s training and professional guidance.

The company was not only established to provide satisfactory returns for its client’s, but also to function as a peoples company, whereby its employees are at all  times motivated to perform a good job and to service Clients to their full satisfaction.

Pse is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities utilizing a professional and effective team spirit and for those who have not worked with us yet, we would say: “Try Us Out”.

Finally, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to our clients for their trust, and employees of PSE for their continuing efforts and loyal dedication to PSE

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”